Thursday, 15 October 2020

Is it safe to come to the gym

 We understand that many people are concerned about the risk of contracting Covid-19 at the current time and at Forefront Fitness we have taken precautions to ensure your safety. All equipment has been spaced out as much as possible and is cleaned after use by our members. Our staff are also cleaning throughout the day and we are fogging the gym on a regular basis to further clean and disinfect all areas.

The latest evidence suggests that catching COVID-19 in a gym environment is low.

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Need a bit of company?

Going to the gym is about so much more than a bit of a sweat.  We are all under huge pressure just now – lockdowns, masks, job insecurity and a lack of social events.  Many of our usual coping mechanisms just don’t exist at the moment.  

Difficult as it is, we have to find ways of dealing with what is happening and one great way is getting to the gym.  Quite apart from the well researched knowledge that working out is great for your mental health – coming to the gym is somewhere to meet people and to chat.

Right now we are likely to be very isolated and its quite possible to go for several days with only a muffled few words passing your lips.  The gym is a great place to chat while you work out and compare COVID stories (or not talk about the wretched pandemic at all – which is a relief in itself!) 

At Forefront Fitness there is always a member of staff on duty and we are only too happy to pass the time of day with you.  Even if you don’t feel up to doing much in the way of talking (or working out for that matter) – just come on in.  Getting out of the house is a bonus, getting in a few steps has got to be good and if you lift a few weights – well, you’re on a winner.  

Drag yourself away from your desk, the TV, the kids and drop into the gym.  We can almost guarantee you will feel a bit better when you leave! 

Thursday, 24 September 2020

Helping to stop the spread of Coronavirus

To help stop the spread of Coronavirus, we are required by law to display a QR Code at the entrance to the gym. 

We ask that where possible you scan the code using the NHS COVID-19 App. There are 3 copies of the QR code displayed around the gym, so you won't have to queue. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Everything in moderation

 I can almost guarantee that if you are told not to eat ice cream ever again (or whatever your favourite snack might be) then you will crave it and think about it at least 10 times a day.  But if you are told ‘eat some ice cream – but not the whole tub and not every day’ then there is a much better chance that you will limit your intake.  

If you go to the gym every single day and work out like crazy for a couple of hours – then you will get injured and burnt out.  Go every other day and don’t work out for more than an hour and you will get results and won’t be so exhausted that you can barely move.  

It’s really important to find a regime that works for you.  One that gets results but doesn’t make you feel like you are being punished.  ‘Everything in moderation’ is a good mantra. 

• Have a glass of wine – but one glass a couple of times a week

• Eat some chocolate – a couple of squares – not the whole bar

• Grab a bag of crisps – a treat, once a week

• Go for a run / bike ride / swim but it doesn’t have to be a PB – aim to enjoy it 

• Workout in the gym – but don’t aim to do every exercise you have ever thought of every time with the biggest weight you can manage

Do the best you can but live life to the full – being healthy is what keeps us going.  And keeping going is worth celebrating with a treat now and again ! 

Monday, 7 September 2020

What happens if you don’t keep moving?

 ‘Use it or lose it’?   I’m sure you have heard that many times.  But it’s true – if you don’t keep moving it will get harder to move.  

Muscles need to move – and if you sit about all day then things start to go wrong;

1. Your legs and glutes (muscles in your bum) get weak (atrophy)  if you sit all day – leading to lack of stability and risk of falling

2. You gain weight – when you move your muscles release molecules that help to process the fat and sugars that you eat – in the absence of these then the weight creeps up

3. Your hip flexors shorten and your hips and back get tight (and sore) 

4. Your mental health can suffer

5. Your heart muscles don’t like you being sedentary so your risk of heart disease increases – as does your risk of DVT (blood clots), strokes, varicose veins and diabetes 

You know that when you come to the gym and do an effective workout you build muscle.  Research has shown that it is possible to build muscle into a grand old age – so it’s never too late.

Don’t lose muscle – you need it to support your joints – the bone might wear a bit thin – but good strong muscles will keep supporting those joints into old age.  

Don’t lose your strength – get up, get moving and get to the gym!  

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

How is your mental health?

Mental wellbeing (according to the Mental Health Foundation is;
The sense of feeling good about ourselves and being able to function well individually or in relationships
The ability to deal with the ups and downs of life, such as coping with challenges and making the most of opportunities

The feeling of connection to our community and surroundings

Having control and freedom over our lives

Having a sense of purpose and feeling valued

The last few months have been, we think you will all agree, testing.  Most people have had times when they have felt very anxious and because we weren’t able to do some of the things we usually do to cope – we have struggled to get through.  

At Forefront Fitness we know this – we know that we haven’t all felt good about ourselves and that we haven’t always functioned well.  We know that things we might have usually dealt with easily have been a real challenge and that our sense of community has been tested.  One of the most difficult things has been the lack of control over our lives and often not much idea of purpose to each day.  

Now is your chance to get back on track.  We know, for sure, that exercise helps to improve mental health.  Its been proven time after time.  Many studies show how exercise helps with mood and a sense of wellbeing.  

Coming back to the gym will help more than just your body – getting your heart rate up will release those endorphins – you’ll feel better when you’re doing it and for hours afterwards.  Do it regularly (exercise that is) and not only will your body thank you – so will your mind.  Now is the time to take charge of your life again.  

Pop in – we will be delighted to see you and to show you how the gym is a safe place to exercise.