Monday, 18 January 2021

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

How’s your head space?


We were wondering how your mental health is bearing up?  We reckon that if the government makes one more ‘U’ turn, if one more person says ‘vaccine’ or we read one more report on the ‘r’ number we might just lose the plot altogether.

Being told what we can or cannot do is mind blowing, not seeing people you want to see or do what you want is crippling.  Extend this over a (ill defined and inexact) period of time is absolutely mind blowing.  

It made me think about what we could do to help ourselves.  Did these thoughts ever cross your mind?

Drink more wine

Eat whatever you fancy

Ditch the exercise – no one will ever see what you look like anyway

Don’t bother with the rules – it will soon be over

But, of course, none of these ideas will help any of us to cope – all that will happen is that eventually you will feel worse than ever.  

So, its time to get a grip – too many hangovers, too much flab and a general feeling of malaise.  Here comes your plan number two:

Exercise maniacally, lift heavier, run faster, burn more

Eat only to a strict calorie limit

Be teetotal

Bend the COVID rules a bit more– it really doesn’t make any difference does it?

You tried this and then you were completely exhausted, running out of energy and hungry.  You also had a vague feeling of guilt most of the time.  You weren’t sleeping well and couldn’t concentrate.

Now here’s a plan that really works:

Eat a sensible diet with fresh meals made from scratch and the odd treat from time to time

Have the occasional glass of wine when you fancy it

Exercise but not to exhaustion

Stop and pause every day – read / listen to a book, meditate, practice mindfulness.   If you spend your whole day on high alert you will be exhausted and not very productive.  There are lots of apps to help with this – try or or down load a book on 

And the biggest change?  Stop worrying about yourself and be more concerned with other people.  Stop and think; will your action will put anyone else at risk?  Pause and wonder if there is something that you can do to make someone else’s life a bit easier.  

Stop fretting all the time – do what you can and be kind.  Be kind to yourself and take care of yourself – then you will be well placed to help others.  It’s not selfish – it’s common sense – if you are falling apart you won’t be able to hold anyone else together.  Simples ! 

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Home Workout - Week 2

 So this is a slight step up from last week, enjoy!

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

New Year Home Workout

 We are very disappointed that we are unable to open at the current time. However that's no excuse to sit on the sofa, try this no weights required home workout. We'll post a new one each week, and they'll get slightly harder each week.

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Closed - Your Membership Fees

Following last nights announcement, we are now closed for the next few weeks, possibly months? Unfortunately, we are unable to pause or cancel your Standing Orders as your bank will not take instruction from us. If you would like to do this, we would ask that you please speak to your bank directly.

A big thank you to those who continue to support us in these very difficult times, rest assured we will be back open as soon as possible. 

In the meantime, if you would like a tailored home workout programme or indeed outdoor Personal Training (for the brave), to help you get through lockdown, just get in contact.

We hope to see you all again soon (ish)

Thursday, 24 December 2020

Closing from 2pm Christmas Eve

 As we enter tier 4, we have no choice but to close again.

We will reopen as soon as possible and thank everyone for their ongoing support.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for regular updates and workout ideas.

We hope to see you in the not too distant future.

Monday, 7 December 2020

Surviving Christmas - so much food, so little exercise?

 Christmas can be difficult – but we can help you.  

Such a lot of food – so little exercise – do you look forward to these days (seems like 5 of them this year!) or do you dread them – fearful of what they will do to your body?  

At Forefront Fitness we think it’s all about balance.  

It’s about admitting that Christmas day might be a blow out but we can reign it back in on Boxing Day (and go for a walk!).  it has been a difficult year – be kind to yourself and do the best you can.

Five gold rings (sorry – rules) 

• Don’t count the calories – just counting random calories won’t really help– you could eat your daily allowance in Mars bars and that won’t help you to mange your weight (nor your blood sugar!)  Aim to make every calorie count – so before you eat something consider; - is this going to do me any good?  If not – don’t eat the whole packet! 

• Eat your veg – those dreaded Brussel sprouts that haunt our Christmas plates are actually really good for you.  Eat plenty of green veg, top up with carrots and any amount of good salad veg and then you can go steady on the sugar laden fruit but still get your 5 a day

• Make it yourself – whenever possible, cook from scratch. That way you know what is in it and how its been cooked.  Heavily processed food (think take away and ready meals) are OK once in a while but the bulk of your food should be stuff you have made yourself with fresh ingredients.  

• Choose protein – eggs, meat, fish, beans and pulses are great sources.  Protein is essential for building and maintaining muscle mass.  Try to eat protein every mealtime and you may find that you need fewer carbs.  Having said that – we all need carbohydrate but go for the complex (slow release) variety, not the sugary quick fixes.  So, keep off the biscuits, cakes and sweets; avoid white bread, rice and pasta and try porridge, sweet potatoes and butternut squash.

• Eat some fat – gone are the times when we all avoided fats – what we need is a portion of the ‘good’ fats everyday.  You can get those from oily fish, nuts, seeds and olive oil.  We need these types of fats to fully metabolize all the nutrients contained in the other foods that we eat.  Oh – and please avoid ‘low fat’ options on foods – usually these are over processed and have added sugar to make them palatable.  

So Christmas need not be a disaster – remember portion control and go light on the Quality Street and all will be well (as long as you don’t go overboard on the booze!!)  Let’s face it – 2021 has got to be an improvement on 2020!