Monday, 17 December 2018

Don’t panic, its only Christmas

How are you feeling?  Having a panic over presents, food, booze, decorations, whether you should invite auntie Ethel round? 

Just stop – its OK, really it is.  Contrary to public opinion, the shops will open again, you don’t have to buy enough to prepare for a siege.  And buying presents is not the be all and end all.  Breathe and relax.  We have bought Crisis at Christmas meals for my children and for each other.  Its easy to do and will make a difference to someone’s life.  We are not in a frenzy of wrapping paper and last minute dashes for the shops.  (We did get presents for my little grandchildren!)

Why am I telling you this?  Because the amount of stress is enormous and that floods into our health, fitness and food.  Now I’m not going to go all sanctimonious on you, but don’t let a few days undo weeks of effort.  Of course enjoy a lovely meal, have a drink but don’t eat your entire body weight in Quality Street, top up with 5 mince pies and an extra sandwich or two.  You are just making hard work for yourself. 

Here’s a plan that will work:

·         Have a great Christmas day but don’t go mad

·         Eat the veg, go easy on the potatoes

·         Have a drink – but remember your liver – don’t make it work so hard that you feel ill

·         Moderation is actually OK

·         Before you put it in your mouth, think how far you will need to run to work off the calories (21 minutes of running or 40 minutes of walking to work off a mince pie!)

·         Move, go for a walk, get down to the gym, don’t give up

·         Ditch the left overs – just as wasted in your tummy if you don’t need them as they are in the bin.

·         Relax, it’s a day off – chat to friends and family – go to church, have fun.

·         Don’t forget, you don’t need to eat everything going to have a good time! 

Forefront Fitness gyms are only closed for two days of Christmas and two of New Year – we are there, ready to help you get back on track.  See you soon !

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Christmas Student Special

Back from university for Christmas? We have a student special offer for you - 1 months membership for only £20 which gives you 9am-5pm access to the gym. Get in contact today to set up your membership.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Look what happens when you come to the gym

Steve and I were wandering around the village last night (as you do!) ostensibly walking the dog but really it was because I hadn’t got all my steps for the day.  And we practically walked into two runners.  Not any two runners but Scott and Lucy.
Those of you who have been with us for a few years might remember Scott, he was one of our first members of staff.  Young and keen and dead cool.  Well, one day, Lucy came in for an induction.  I nearly had to intervene.  Never before has so much kit been demonstrated and so many exercises explained in such great detail.  He was soooo cool (and so keen!)  And here they are, nearly 5 years later planning their future.
Scott left to become a PT instructor in the RAF (I cried, I was so proud – he said he wouldn’t have stood a chance if he hadn’t worked for us first).  He and Lucy have remained a couple ever since that first induction.  Scott has great plans for the future, for extra training and working with service people who need rehabilitation.  He has just been to the Falklands and stands proud and tall (as he should).  Lucy is following him and setting up her own business.
Why am I telling you?  Because its great to see to lovely people doing well and because Forefront Fitness has been a tiny part of their journey and we are so pleased about that.  Come to the gym, you never know what might happen! 

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Do you think about your skin?

Do you think about your skin?  I notice people’s skin a lot, when I am working out with them especially and its not hard to see who takes care and who doesn’t.  Now its colder we are all at risk of getting sore, chapped skin.  Here are a few tips to help.

Basics – gloves and scarves when you are outside.  Anyone who ever sees me walking the dog would have every reason to laugh but I am cosy and I need that as we wander across the fields.  (And I wear a vest – but please don’t tell anyone!  I hate my back getting cold)

Avoid really hot showers and baths, they will dry out the skin by stripping away surface oils.  Avoid exfoliators too, you need to keep the skin intact when its cold, not expose it.

Use a moisturiser (yes, men too!) , rub some in as soon as you have dried after a shower or bath, your pores will be open and it will be more effective.  One of the best is E45, cheap, unperfumed, hypoallergenic and easily obtained. 

Stay hydrated – central heating easily dries you out, and lack of hydration quickly leads to dry skin.  You may not fancy cold water but decaff tea and coffee make great alternatives. 

Use a good lip balm, put it on before you go out as a protection.  I often pop some on the corners of my eyes so when they water they don’t get sore. 

Look after your skin inside and out, its really worth it.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

It's never too late

It’s coming up to a New Year and we know from past experience that the gyms will be busy.  There will be lots of new members who have set great goals and who will work very hard to achieve them.

But what about all the people who don’t do any exercise at all?  Those who feel its all too late and they can’t make any changes now?  They mustn’t give up – there is always hope.   The health of even the most sedentary person can be improved.  The key is to find something to do that you enjoy and is sustainable.  Now I hate swimming, so it would be no point me saying that I am going to swim four times a week, it’s just not going to happen.  But I am determined to get my 10,000 steps in every day.  And (now keep this quiet, I don’t want everyone watching) I do a little work out on the bench half way round the woods.  Calm yourselves; its 30 press ups. 30 tricep dips, 30 squats, 60 lateral lunges and 60 step ups.  The dog sits quietly and watches and keeps guard, if anyone comes in sight he gives me a warning! 

We can all do something and it will make a difference.  Research published in the ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’ has shown that even a 10 minute walk makes a difference to memory capacity.  Sitting around (according to the NHS) increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and cancer, not to mention heart disease and stroke.  But getting moving can bring the risk down again. 

So if walking helps, why bother with the gym?  Come to the gym because the best combination is some cardio work (cross trainer, rowing, biking, walking, running) combined with shifting some weights.  Working with weights builds muscle, having more muscle keeps your joints strong and raises the rate that you burn calories – what’s not to like?  If you’re not sure what to do – just ask.  There is always someone on shift who can help. 

Don’t wait for the New Year – get to the gym – it will make such a difference.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Beat stress without Valium!

Are you feeling stressed?  Try these simple tips before reaching for the Valium

·         Identify what it is that causing the problem.  Is it your job, a relationship, money or something else?  Does it have a practical solution (eg change your job?), will it simply get better with time and is it totally outside your control (Brexit!)?  Concentrate on what you can influence.

·         Make a list.  You will instantly feel more in control if the apparently unmanageable amount of things you have to achieve in one day is written down and you don’t have to keep trying to remember them.  And the satisfaction of crossing things off is amazing!

·         Leave your phone alone – as part of your night time routine this can work really well.  Tell yourself that it can wait until the morning.  Your sleep is important. Messages and emails can wait.  I give my land line number to friends and family who are in crisis and might need me – everything else can wait.

·         Eat healthily and drink water we know that high sugar foods and the rush and fall of these is stressful, so is caffeine and alcohol – be kind to your mind and body, give them a break.  And drink plenty of water.  Our bodies our 50% to 65% water – we need to keep that topped up, dry bodies don’t work well.  Aim for 2 to 3 litres of water a day.

·         Talk it through, those thoughts that go round and round in your head can often be dealt with if you have to say them in some sort of coherent order so that someone else can understand them.  Try it – just saying it out loud can make you think of your own solution.

·         Be mindful, live in the moment.  Worry is a real waste of time, it doesn’t help.  You’ve heard it before, its like a rocking chair, ‘comforting at the time but it doesn’t get you anywhere’.  There are many apps that help with this ‘Headspace’ being one of the best.

·         Exercise, you just knew I’d say this!  Belt it out in the gym, go for a run or just get outside for a walk.  Move your body, it will shift your mind.  You might even find that you have solde the problem by the time you’ve finished!