Sunday, 3 March 2013

Exciting week

My lovely PT clients are in for a big treat this week - they are working out in the new gym! Will it be the treadmill, the cross trainer or the rower? Or will they venture onto the wibbly wobbly bike (you'll love it!) We can use the cable machine and our old friends the BOSU and the Swiss ball (now in a choice of 3 sizes!) And we have a lovely list of people who have contacted us already - we will be contacting you to arrange a visit and a free induction! Free kit bag and water bottle to new members while stocks last - be among the first and claim yours! Running water and the flooring just about finished - just the windows to go! We are in our new office - we have had a bit of a clear out as we moved 'stuff' from our old office - any idea why I kept used envelopes, old magazines and odd scraps of paper? They never did come in handy! New month, new week, new start - how about a new fitness regime for you? Contact us - a new you is just around the corner.

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