Thursday, 23 April 2015

Being overweight doesn't matter? - part 3

Get an education when young
Why?  Because more educated people tend to have a healthier lifestyle and improved access to health care.  Also, it is reckoned that if you start off brighter then you have more to lose and will therefore stay cognitively functional for longer. 

Eat a healthy, balanced diet
‘It seems that a Mediterranean diet, high in cereals, fruit, fish and veg, may lower the risk of dementia’.  The Guardian suggests that ‘ A plate of fish, olives and tomatoes is probably better than a tub of vitamins’. 

Limit your alcohol intake
There is a broad consensus that too much alcohol is a bad thing.  Some studies suggest that being tee total might not be good, but that might be attributable to being less sociable, which is not good either.  Moderation is the key

 So, there you have it, there’s lots we can do to stave off the wretched condition – just think of that every time you come to the gym!

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