Monday, 25 January 2016

Get those cortisol levels down

We know that being continuously stressed gives rise to high cortisol levels which in turn make it really hard to lose weight.

Here’s a few hints to help you to reduce your stress levels;

1.       Try sitting down to eat – concentrate on your food – don’t eat on the run and absent mindidly whilst watching TV. Give yourself a break – make food important – taste it and enjoy it!

2.       Take a minute to think.  Just pause and breathe for a minute.  Count to one hundred – try it!

3.       Get outside – go for a walk, take 5 minutes for some fresh air – get outside everyday.

4.       Be creative – find a hobby, make something, do some colouring

5.       Make your surroundings as lovely as you can – it might be tidying up or using some essential oils

6.       Be kind to yourself

7.       Get some sleep

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