Thursday, 30 June 2016


It was PT day again for Leslie and we had to make a new plan.  Despite thinking she is eating healthily and keeping to plan, Leslie has put on a little weight and is feeling it in her clothes.   Clearly her body is doing something different to what her head is saying.  This isn’t unusual and is one of the main reasons that we ask people to keep a food diary.  Leslie is going to do the Forever Living Clean 9 programme to lose a few pounds and to get a bit of order into her life around food.  She will have a couple of days of protein shakes and Aloe Vera juice, followed by the addition of a small daily meal.  This has been used thousands of times all round the world and works really well – frequent measuring and weighing will demonstrate this. Part of this programme is to be really mindful of what you are eating and to jot it down.

Leslie is also going to get outside for a proper walk every day.  She is aiming for 10,000 steps a day – so her walk should give her at least half of these steps straight away. 

This is a tough journey and it requires a great deal of personal strength to persist – so well done Leslie.  Lets hope next week brings great results

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