Friday, 25 November 2016

Why bother to go to the gym?

 It’s a palaver isn’t it?  Find your kit (have you remembered to wash it from last time ?  Oh no, still grubby and smelly in your bag!) and check your trainers for excess mud and whatever else gets stuck on them.  Then check that you’ve has enough to eat and drink – don’t want that faint and dizzy feeling again do you?  Oh, and is it raining again?  That little voice inside your head that says ‘just stay in – once won’t matter and there’s that programme on that you want to watch’. 

Let me tell you why we should bother –  Avril has had a letter from her GP .  The letter says that her bone density has increased – yes, increased.  Avril is post menopausal, has rheumatoid arthritis and takes steroids.  You would expect her bone density to decrease – so,  what has she changed in the last year?  She comes to the gym, she does CV and weights and works out with me as her Personal Trainer.  Bone density is really important to us as that’s a measure of how strong our bones are and how likely (or otherwise) we are to fracture a bone if we fall.  So Avril is less likely to fall as she has strengthened her core and less likely to break a bone if she does as her bones are denser and stronger.

We reckon its worth getting off the settee for?  So next time you’re not sure if you can find a clean T shirt – just remember you could be preventing a nasty fracture

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