Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Do you think about your skin?

Do you think about your skin?  I notice people’s skin a lot, when I am working out with them especially and its not hard to see who takes care and who doesn’t.  Now its colder we are all at risk of getting sore, chapped skin.  Here are a few tips to help.

Basics – gloves and scarves when you are outside.  Anyone who ever sees me walking the dog would have every reason to laugh but I am cosy and I need that as we wander across the fields.  (And I wear a vest – but please don’t tell anyone!  I hate my back getting cold)

Avoid really hot showers and baths, they will dry out the skin by stripping away surface oils.  Avoid exfoliators too, you need to keep the skin intact when its cold, not expose it.

Use a moisturiser (yes, men too!) , rub some in as soon as you have dried after a shower or bath, your pores will be open and it will be more effective.  One of the best is E45, cheap, unperfumed, hypoallergenic and easily obtained. 

Stay hydrated – central heating easily dries you out, and lack of hydration quickly leads to dry skin.  You may not fancy cold water but decaff tea and coffee make great alternatives. 

Use a good lip balm, put it on before you go out as a protection.  I often pop some on the corners of my eyes so when they water they don’t get sore. 

Look after your skin inside and out, its really worth it.

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