Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Workouts for the mind

We are going back to Dr Chaterjee’s ‘Feel Better in 5’ 

You’ve had a couple of ‘Body’ 5 minute workouts and here are some ideas for 5 minutes for your Mind

How about just pouring it all out onto paper?

Try just writing down everything that’s on your mind for five minutes – and then?  Burn it!  A great way to dump it out of your mind – of course – you don’t have to burn it – but you may not want it lying around!

Or how about 5 minutes outside?  I know that I have to get outside everyday – try it – take your early morning coffee outside – or, of course, go for a walk!  

Or even 5 minutes of painting, drawing or maybe knitting – get stuck into a hobby – or just read a book – 5 minutes doing something creative that you enjoy

Or even five minutes concentrating on your breathing – there are some good breathing techniques in the book – basically – slow your breathing down and become much more aware of taking full breaths and breathing out slowly again.

Your mind will be helped by good nutrition – low sugar, unprocessed foods every time.  So – eat well, breathe deeply and be creative – your mind will really appreciate it!

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