Monday, 7 September 2020

What happens if you don’t keep moving?

 ‘Use it or lose it’?   I’m sure you have heard that many times.  But it’s true – if you don’t keep moving it will get harder to move.  

Muscles need to move – and if you sit about all day then things start to go wrong;

1. Your legs and glutes (muscles in your bum) get weak (atrophy)  if you sit all day – leading to lack of stability and risk of falling

2. You gain weight – when you move your muscles release molecules that help to process the fat and sugars that you eat – in the absence of these then the weight creeps up

3. Your hip flexors shorten and your hips and back get tight (and sore) 

4. Your mental health can suffer

5. Your heart muscles don’t like you being sedentary so your risk of heart disease increases – as does your risk of DVT (blood clots), strokes, varicose veins and diabetes 

You know that when you come to the gym and do an effective workout you build muscle.  Research has shown that it is possible to build muscle into a grand old age – so it’s never too late.

Don’t lose muscle – you need it to support your joints – the bone might wear a bit thin – but good strong muscles will keep supporting those joints into old age.  

Don’t lose your strength – get up, get moving and get to the gym!  

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