Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Need a bit of company?

Going to the gym is about so much more than a bit of a sweat.  We are all under huge pressure just now – lockdowns, masks, job insecurity and a lack of social events.  Many of our usual coping mechanisms just don’t exist at the moment.  

Difficult as it is, we have to find ways of dealing with what is happening and one great way is getting to the gym.  Quite apart from the well researched knowledge that working out is great for your mental health – coming to the gym is somewhere to meet people and to chat.

Right now we are likely to be very isolated and its quite possible to go for several days with only a muffled few words passing your lips.  The gym is a great place to chat while you work out and compare COVID stories (or not talk about the wretched pandemic at all – which is a relief in itself!) 

At Forefront Fitness there is always a member of staff on duty and we are only too happy to pass the time of day with you.  Even if you don’t feel up to doing much in the way of talking (or working out for that matter) – just come on in.  Getting out of the house is a bonus, getting in a few steps has got to be good and if you lift a few weights – well, you’re on a winner.  

Drag yourself away from your desk, the TV, the kids and drop into the gym.  We can almost guarantee you will feel a bit better when you leave! 

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