Monday, 9 November 2020

Surviving Lockdown 2.0

 Here we go again; stay at home, don’t go out, don’t see any body and above all, don’t go to the gym

So – what can we do?

Here’s a few ideas of what not to do:

• Don’t mope about – it won’t help anything

• Don’t stay in bed all day

• Alcohol is great – but please don’t drink before lunch time – that 2pm Zoom conference just won’t go well

• Opening that bag of your favourite sweets is sooo tempting – just don’t – you know what will happen next!

• And above all – please don’t just sit about

OK – that’s the bad bits – here are some ideas that really work:

• GO OUTSIDE. Every. Single. Day – without fail, come rain or shine.  Don’t worry about how many steps – just get out there.  Listen to a book, a podcast, music, make a phone call.  Anything – but get some fresh air.  

• Find a routine that works and keep to it.  At times of uncertainty we need to keep a grip on everything that we can – get up at roughly the same time day (preferably before 10.00!), keep things regular, do your washing, cook proper meals, make your bed.  If you don’t it all feels out of control.  Make order out of the chaos

• Eat proper meals – yes, peanut butter on toast 5 times a day will stop you feeling hungry, but it won’t provide you with the nutrients you need.  We can go food shopping or get the basics delivered.  You know what we always say – even the best car engines won’t run well if we put in the wrong fuel.  

• Lift some weights.  Muscles shrivel if they don’t get used – if you have dumbbells at home – great – use them.  If not – body weight exercises are a good alternative – think press ups, squats, lunges, planks, abs crunches, mountain climbers.

• Get some sleep – yes, iPlayer is great – but ‘just one more episode’ leads to late nights and short sleep spans.  Save it for tomorrow – something to look forward to 

• And please – reach out to someone – reach out if you need support – the gym staff are there for you.   But also – drop an email or a text to a friend – you might just be the one person that makes a big difference 

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