Saturday, 31 December 2011


Well everyone, here we are, poised at the start of the New Year – what’s it going to be like for you?

Why not join us at our launch party at the Health Club at Lakeside Lodge at Pidley on Saturday 7th – drop in any time between 11.00 & 16.00 and see what Forefront Fitness has to offer.
Take a few minutes to think about how you might get fitter in 2012 – you might not be competing in the Olympics – but you can ‘Be the Best You Can’ – a look at your food intake and your exercise levels might be the starting point you need – why not come and see how Forefront Fitness can help you ?

Its not all about impossible diets or exhausting exercise regimes – it’s about thinking what goes in and how much you burn off.

Why not make 2012 your fit year? It might be easier than you think!

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