Monday, 2 February 2015

My latest obsesion - a pedometer!

Want to hear about my latest obsession?

Those who know me well will know that I am inclined to get easily obsessed about things.  I will avidly drink water (that one is one I have stuck with) – anyone remember the ‘porridge from scratch’ that I brought in to work for my breakfast – fifty shades of wall paper paste once it got cold – yeuck!  Casting further back there was the very tight gym trousers ‘guaranteed to make you sweat’.  They soon went – you try working out in a wet suit!

Well, my latest is a pedometer.  This isn’t new – I’ve had one before.  The government recommendations are 10,000 steps a day. So, first job was to find a decent pedometer that didn’t cost the earth.  I know you can get various fancy ones linked to your computer, but I wanted an easy one that just counted steps.  I emailed a company and they have been fab.  They sent me 5 to try and the best so far is the one that I have been using.  It was really easy to set up, it counts steps, distance and calories and tells the time. Very unobtrusive – just clip onto your belt or slip into your pocket

There’s your challenge.  Now I think I am lucky to have an active job.  I was amazed about how few steps I do unless I make an effort.  I walk to work (OK, its not far!) and then I walk on the treadmill.  I consciously walk more and sit less.  Most days I can now get close to 10,000 but if you catch me anxiously pacing around, late at night, you will know why.  I will let you know what benefits its having – but I know that keeping active is bound to burn calories and keep my joints mobile. 

And great news is that the company have 15 ex demo – fully packaged and guaranteed for just £25 – that’s a £10 saving.  Let me know and I’ll get them ordered.  A quick and easy way to increase your activity and get your fitness levels up – who knows, you too might become obsessed!

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