Monday, 23 March 2015

Awesome Sexycise!

This week I was nearly in tears in a class.  Not out of frustration and no one was leaving – just because all the ladies in Thursday’s Sexycise were totally awesome.

There is about a 55 year age difference between the oldest and the youngest and various levels of fitness.  But every single one of the 10 in the class was amazing.  Every single one has improved since we started out.  They can do more in the minute they spend at each station and there is a huge amount of energy in the room.

We work really hard on building a strong core by using our abdominal muscles – its very far from an easy class – even if the music is a lot more gentle than most classes!  By keeping going and not giving in (we never use the word ‘can’t ‘ ) everyone can do 45 minutes of very demanding abs work.  I am so proud of them all.
And the icing on the cake that really got to me was the minute plank at the end – which everyone did – and considering 10 seconds was just a dream for some when we set out – no wonder there was a lump in my throat!

If you want to get this fit – come and join us – we do it all over again on Mondays and a new class starts on Thursdays at 19.45 – ring our Willingham gym to book your place - 01954 260985

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