Friday, 25 March 2016

A good sports bra

OK ladies, do your boobs hurt when you exercise?  Did you know that 25% of women cut short their workout because their breasts hurt?  Don’t be in that group – get a good sports bra.

A pair of breasts weighs, on average, between 400gms & 600gms, that’s a lot to have bouncing around in front of you. And bounce they do – breasts can swing by 9cms during exercise – moving both up and down and side to side. 

Sagging occurs because of breast bouncing and a good bra will reduce that sagging by 35%.

A good sports bra can reduce movement by 83%  - you really need a good bra because there are no muscles in your boobs – so they can’t ‘be trained’ to keep still! Not sure where to go for your bra?  - Try Emma ( – your local bra lady! 

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