Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Have you got five minutes?

Don’t feel that you have to come into the gym for an hour if you want to get fit.  We can plan a workout for you that takes less time – just let us know what you want.  And there are things you can do in a few minutes that will make a difference.

Spend just one minute running or walking a bit faster, get out of ‘steady state’ and push a bit, it will make a difference. 

Got five minutes?  Do push ups from a park bench (yes, people do look at you – but hey!) or from a stable chair in the office.  Combine it with some side lunges and tricep dips and you have a mini workout.

How about taking the stairs?  It might take ten minutes in your day, but you will have increased your heart beat and strengthened your legs, what’s not to like?

If you could squeeze in 30 minutes please get off the bus a stop or too earlier and walk the last part of the journey, keep doing it, it will get easier (really!)

An hour?  Go for a deliberate walk, use a good pace, listen to an audio book – enjoy it, get outside and breathe; it’s a great stress buster.

And if you really want to make a difference, down load ‘couch to 5k’, the NHS app.  I did it and it really works.  I started in the gym on the treadmill and progressed to running outside.  The sense of achievement when I ran that 5k was amazing.

So don’t let time be a limiting factor, just make a start! 

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