Friday, 4 January 2019

Feeling stressed?

We have just bought ‘The Stress Solution’ by Dr Chaterjee.  In this book he looks at Purpose, Relationships, Body and Mind.

I thoroughly recommend that you get a copy and take some time to read it – however, help is at hand.  Over the next few weeks we will be reading it and pulling out snippets that we think will interest you – so keep watching out for my blog.

Just for starters – he talks about Micro Stress Doses or MSDs.  Do you have these?  It starts early, the alarm shouts out at you (MSD 1) and you drag yourself out of bed.  Into the loo, no loo roll (MSD 2) and the dog barks to go out (MSD 3).  Child number one is already on their ipad, you ask them to get off – no response (MSD 4).  Partner surfaces into the kitchen and is grumpy; favourite cereal box is empty (MSD 5)

See what I mean?  We can’t get rid of all these but stick with us as we travel through this book and we will pass on hints and tips to manage them more easily.  Along the way you’ll find out about different ways of eating throughout the day, the importance of exercise (well we would say that !) and how down time and sleep can help. 

Speak again soon

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