Sunday, 24 February 2013

lovely low calorie foods

OK - so you think you'd like to give the 5:2 a go? Doesn't sound too bad - eat 'normally ' for 5 days and have 2 low calorie days a week - easiest to do if they are non consecutive. So what DO you eat on these days? You have some choices here; a) a mix of protein shakes and aloe vera gel b) Lighter Life food packs c) conventional food - calorie controlled I can help with a) & b) and here are some options for c) Top Low Calorie foods (per 100g) Food stuffs Calories per 100 gm Food stuffs Calories per 100gm Broccoli 32 Celery 8 Apricots 32 Blackberries 26 Grapefruit 30 Tomatoes 20 Kale 33 Mushrooms 16 Red Pepper 30 Satsumas 31 Strawberries 28 Cod 80 Egg whites 50 Tofu 70 Low fat cottage cheese 72 Low fat live yoghurt 66 Prawns 69 Baked beans 83 Lean Ham 105 Nice recipes on my next blog!

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