Sunday, 3 February 2013

Mind and body

Browsing through the Sunday Times today we came across an article in the 'Style' magazine, no, not the one on the impossibly skinny models in totally impractical dresses - the article about the links between mind and body. The promotion suggested that a Personal Trainer who helps with what is going on in your head as well as what is happening to your body is a novelty! Well, here at Forefront Fitness, we know different. We have always recognized that one is so dependent on the other that they can't be separated. When Marion had a PT and was going through a really tough patch, she often used her hour to chat through some difficult feelings and it really helped. And this is an important part of what we offer - we really do want to help you to be your best - and that may mean a chance to exercise mind and body. As a qualified weight management counselor Marion is skilled in using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Transactional Analysis to help clients to reframe some of their food orientated thoughts. And Steve is about to embark on a Neuro Linguistic Progamming course. Those of you who know Steve will understand that this represents a huge step out of his comfort zone, but we are so committed to fully helping our clients that we are ready to push our own boundaries. We know that if your head isn't in the right place then getting your body where you want it to be is nearly impossible - why not get in contact - let us help you work on your head stuff at the same time as your body works?

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