Thursday, 17 October 2013

Just stand up!

On the BBC web site there’s a great article on the benefits of standing up.  We spend most of our day sitting down or in bed – and we could burn loads more calories if we spent more time standing – a whopping great 30,000 extra calories a year if we were to stand up for 3 hours five days a week.  That’s the equivalent to 8lb or to running about 10 marathons in a year!

So, if you see me in the office standing at my desk – you’ll know why.

Dr Buckley of Chester University who carried out this study acknowledges that exercise has many proven benefits – so don’t give up on the gym – just stand more in the hours that you are not working out.  Dr Buckley found that the blood glucose levels after eating dropped back to base line more quickly in those who were standing – so perhaps that old rule of ‘sit down whilst you are eating ‘ needs looking at?

So – want to burn a few extra calories – just get off your butt!

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