Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Why bother to exercise?

Why bother to exercise?  It’s one of those strange things – you won’t know you like it till you’ve done it!  And even once you know you like it you may not always want to do it.

But we know it’s good for you, exercise can help to:

·         Manage your weight

·         Strengthen your bones

·         Enhance your muscles

·         Reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer

·         Improve your mood

OK – so you know it’s good for –but how do you persuade yourself to do it?

We suggest that you keep your goals in sight

If we are going to get the suggested 150 mins of exercise in every week  we need to keep the reasons why clearly in view.

·         Perhaps its dropping a dress size – getting ready for a special event

·         It could be the health benefits

·         Release of stress at the end (or the beginning even!) of the day

·         It might even be just because you feel smug when you have finished!

Whatever the reason – keep it in the front of your mind – you know you’ll feel better when its over!

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