Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Running Buddies - Ready and Waiting

Running Buddies are ready!

We have all been First Aid trained. A really great trainer - Jim Smith from St John Ambulance spent Saturday with us and showed us how to deal with any First Aid emergency we are likely to encounter whilst out running.

So, if you think you can't run - give us a try - we have Buddies to get you started and to help you set a realistic goal.

You think you can run a little, but want to run further or faster? We can help - our experienced runners can give you hints and tips and enhance your training. Perhaps you have your sights set on a new Personal Best? We have experienced runners who will challenge you.

Don't forget, 100 calories used per mile, that's pretty good going!

Drop us an e-mail, Running Buddies are ready. We can meet you at a variety of times and we can come to you, so no more hesitating, no more feeling unsure. We all carry mobile phones and wear hi-viz tops. We can even advise you on 'best kit'. Slip on those trainers - it's easier than you think!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Great Eastern Run 2011

Well, we did it! Tristan, Steve and Marion ran the Great Eastern half marathon on Sunday. It was really well organized; fully marshalled and with plenty of First Aiders to hand. There were well stocked and frequent water stations and even loos along the way!

The route was lined by the people of Peterborough, who, as always, turned out to cheer the runners on. The weather was ideal, cool to begin with, but not too cool and the rain held off.

We got round in a great time (2 hrs 16 mins) - admittedly not super fast, but we kept going and ran all the way. We know our running style well enough now, took the first couple of miles gently, found our 'steady state' and kept going and going. We resisted the temptation to overtake everyone we could and just paced ourselves. We also resisted the temptation to walk, especially between 10 and 11 miles when there doesn't seem to be much left in the legs.

Eventually the finishing line appeared and we made a sort of swift sprint to the end! We were rewarded with medals, goodie bags, drinks bottles, bananas and energy drinks. Swiftly reunited with our labelled bags we set off home feeling very pleased with ourselves.

Why don't you try it? A year ago neither Steve nor Tristan would have contemplated running 13.1 miles. Just look what can happen with some training and determination. Give us a ring, we have Running Buddies waiting to help you to be your best - who knows, next October you coud be running it with us!

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