Monday, 19 November 2012


Have you got Creep? No, its not a new version of Foot & Mouth disease – its what can happen if you take your eye off the ball. Creep is unintended weight gain – its occurs due to ‘one little bit won’t matter’, and ‘what difference will just one more drink make’ , decisions slip into your life. You are, of course, right, one more probably won’t make a difference – but one more every day certainly will. So, what can we do about it? Well, if we are serious about weight management, we can set our wiggle factor really tight. What’s your wiggle factor? Mine is half a kilo – I don’t let my weight fluctuate more than half a kilo up or down from my ideal. I weigh myself everyday and act accordingly. If it’s a bit lower than my target weight – great – but watch it doesn’t go too low. If it’s above – I take action. That means that that day I don’t ‘just have one more’. It means that that day I am super vigilant and stop the creep. I will also make sure I get my 10,000 steps in for the day (using my Activ8rlives programme – When I weigh myself the next day I am usually back to more normal. Now, you may be thinking words like ‘obsessed’, ‘crazy’, - but – it works – I have maintained my new, lower weight for months like this. I am no longer scared of the scales – I face up every day and act accordingly – it doesn’t take much to lose a little – but losing a lot is a big task – watch out for Creep – don’t let a little become a lot.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Moving Forward

‘Let’s make a go of this’ we said. ‘Go’ of what, you may well ask? We are working hard to make Forefront Fitness a great provider of exemplary health, fitness and wellbeing advice and support. We worked with a training and business advisor this week and amongst other things have come up with a mission statement: ‘We are personal fitness coaches, passionate about helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle’ To this end, Steve is doing his Level 2 REPs Exercise Instructor course. Now, of course, this is great and fits well with what we are doing. However, and it’s a big however, he now thinks he would like to practice his new found skills on me. That means, out in our home gym at some unearthly hour, whilst the rest of the UK sleeps, I have to do 70 (yes, seventy) kettle bell swings, far too many star jumps and pick up weights that previously would have reduced me to a quivering wreck. (If any of you are now thinking of a recently published novel – please refocus). Whilst this is actually great for my fitness levels (I usually decide that 10 real hard reps is enough and blow the other 2 sets), I am somewhat dreading Monday morning when he gets back form this weekend’s tuition with more ideas! This is a real watershed time for us, Steve has resigned from his day job and we are drawing up our definitive business plan. We have many possibilities and probabilities, some research on our PACT model might be a potential, a level 4 training course, a local gym to set up and very importantly, lots of Personal Training clients. We are working on our social media strategy and are very grateful for the help and support from friends who seem to only want the odd cup of coffee now and again to say thanks. We ‘tweet’ regularly and you will have noticed an increase in FB articles. Obviously this is to ‘get our name out there’ but, more importantly, to make sure that you have easy access to all the best advice and support for your own fitness journey – so- watch this space!