Tuesday, 30 January 2018

How to avoid type 2 diabetes without medication

Type 2 diabetes usually starts a bit later in life and occurs because you either don’t make enough insulin or the insulin you have doesn’t work properly.  11.9M of us are at risk of developing this and over 1M of us have it but don’t know.  You can check your risk on the diabetesUK website

Why does it matter?

If diabetes isn’t managed correctly it can lead to blindness, kidney failure, stroke and death – so worth thinking about!

Symptoms include needing a wee more often, feeling very thirsty, tiredness, unexplained weight loss.  If you are worried, go to your GP.

However, we can all do a great deal to prevent type 2 diabetes from occurring. 

Being overweight and having a large waist measurement adds to our risk of type 2 diabetes – so…

Keep your portion sizes reasonable and leave out the high sugar foods and drinks. 

Keep the alcohol intake down as low as possible

Get some sleep – go for 7 hours a night – really important !

And of course – exercise – but you knew we would say that !

Your health is in your hands