Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Help your brain, exercise!

Would you like to help your brain, slow down the decaying process, prevent dementia?
Latest research in today’s Times tells us that exercise such as brisk walking, can help to fight off degenerative disease – there is even some evidence to show that exercise can help with regeneration of damaged areas.
We know that the aging process is likely to be slower if we keep our minds active (yes, the crossword again!) and if we keep our weight under control. The news that exercise can even repair some of the damage done is really good to hear.
So, eating well, not smoking and only drinking in moderation, combined with brain activity and a bit of serious exercise and we have a good chance of holding on to all our marbles for a bit longer? Add in a good healthy diet and we are on a winner.
Dig out those trainers and if its just too awful outside for a walk – pop into the gym. Easy to do a quick workout and just think of all the benefits!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Fruit Juice

Do you have fruit juice for your breakfast? Do you have it because you think its really healthy – just made from fruit?
Lots of Vit C in fruit juice ? Yes, you’re right – loads – but it will cause a huge spike of Vit C in your blood stream and as we can’t store the excess – it will simply be excreted in our urine. The same is true of the sugar in fruit juice – big flood of sugar, high dose of reactive insulin and off you go again, swinging backwards and forwards. This is all enhanced by the fact that there is no fibre left in fruit juice so the juice is able to rush through without the slowing effect of the fibre on your body. Really you are much better off eating an orange than consuming full glasses of commercially produced fruit juice.