Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Don’t be a statistic!

Don’t be a statistic!  Did you know that obesity costs the UK 47bn a year according to a report just published.
McKinsey Global Institute (who produced the report) says that almost half the adults in the world will be overweight or obese by 2030.
The problem lies with a lack of coordinated response and a somewhat piecemeal approach.  The report calls for a series of interventions that could have a real impact.  We all know that its not just one thing that piles the weight on – its not just what we eat and our activity levels – its all the other things that happen.
Environmentally we are continually tempted, (its why I never watch commercial channels on TV) , emotionally we are besieged with messages to eat something that really won’t help us to manage our weight.  We eat large portions and drink calorie filled drinks.  We eat because we are tired, stressed, busy or just because we ‘deserve it’.  We move less and spend more time in sedentary pursuits.
We probably cant change the government policies or the food market single handed – but we can change our own behaviour.

·         Eat good calories to fuel your body

·         Drink water

·         Get some sleep

·         Manage your stress

·         Move around purposefully for 30 mins a day

 See if it makes a difference – need help- call into one of our gyms – we are the experts!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Christmas is coming

I know I can be mighty boring sometimes and I know that lots of you think that I ought to get out more (and you are probably right!) , however, I would just like to fire a bit of a warning shot on Christmas and calories!  I know, ‘calories over Christmas are inevitable’, ‘only once a year’, ‘would be rude not to’  and every other excuse under the sum, or rather under the mistletoe, I have heard them all. 

However, you are really just making work for yourself.  We, of course, are delighted.  As you pile on the pounds you get really keen on the gym and we get to see you all in January.  We like seeing you (especially if you bring a friend who wants to join too), but we don’t want you to have to buy new, bigger gym gear – so I am boldly going to tell you a story of excess calories.

Most women need about 1500 to 2000 calories a day and most men about 500 more (and those are generous allowances).  2 mini mince pies have about 240 calories in them, a honey and almond hot chocolate has 470 calories, yep, that’s about a third of what we women need (in terms of calories) in a day.  How about a ‘Pumpkin spice Latte’?  Are you tempted?  311 calories – about the same as a large chocolate donut. 

Simple tip – avoid the large size, syrup filled, whip cream topped, extra special, ‘Christmas delights’ – sprinkle some cinnamon and nutmeg on your cappuccino

 – that’s plenty bad enough!