Monday, 12 August 2013

Fit is the new thin - 2

The second week of the Sunday Times ‘Fit – not - Thin’ campaign tells us how off-putting some gyms can be – well, we know that our village gym is far from off putting. Its where big fit men move the cable pin for small ladies who are not yet strong enough to yank the anchor point up and down. Its where young boys learn exercises from older men, its where we all know it can be tough but we are in it together. One regular gym goer reports in this week’s article that she feels more toned, has more energy, is less stiff and sleeps better. Quite an outcome if you ask me! Sunday Times top tips? • Music – if you are not a lover of the music in the gym – pop your head phones in and listen to a track of your years! We have Friday wind down music in the gym – those of us in their after about 5.30 pm need to de stress – the music we choose definitely helps! • training with someone – drag your friends and family along – much more difficult to duck out of coming and easier when you get there as you can pull each other along. • set realistic goals – you can always review them when you reach them – if they seem insurmountable then you might feel that you just can’t ever get there • stay happy – oh yes, the power of positive thought! Never underestimate how important this is If you need any help with these top tips – just get in touch – we can help you

Monday, 5 August 2013

Fit is the new thin

The Sunday Times tells us that ‘fit is the new thin’. Another crazy scheme? I read the article and it makes good sense. However, it doesn’t mean ‘eat whatever you like – size doesn’t matter’, but it does mean that getting fitter and stronger is a real positive and that you don’t need to starve yourself day in and day out! People are now saying that their feelgood factor is more important than looking good – personally, I think that the two go hand in hand. If you feel good from the inside – then there is every chance that you will look good too. Confidence can often come from knowing that you have reached another goal on your journey. Perhaps a heavier weight on the cable machine, a higher speed on the treadmill or a bit longer on the cross trainer. We know that exercise releases natural endorphins which can boost your mood and there is something very empowering about doing something new or to a higher standard. And its really important to remember that its your Personal Best. We spend a lot of time in the gym and lots of our members tell us how well they are doing – for some its an extra 5 minutes on the treadmill, for some its holding a weighted plank for an extra 30 seconds or maybe chest pressing a heavier weight. It doesn’t matter – no one does more and feels sad about it! And lots tell us that by being in the gym and getting fitter they are now much more able to do every day tasks and feel happier and have more energy. (Some lose weight too!) Get your regular dose of ‘feelgood factor’ – raise your heart beat!