Friday, 14 March 2014


I would like all men reading this to look away now. Us women are going to concentrate on things that really matter for a few minutes.
Right ladies – you saw it here first – Sexycise comes to a gym near you. We are putting together a women only class aimed at improving ‘down there’. This class works your abdominal muscles, strengthens your core and your pelvic floor. It includes the sort of exercises that you don’t want to do in the gym when the men are around. I can’t guarantee that it will improve your sex life – but it might help you to be more ready should the chance to shine arise. It will help with continence issues and self confidence.
Give it a go – we have soft lights, gentler music, nice smells and a great work out – what’s not to like? (and no men, sweaty or otherwise!)
Currently in Willingham on Thursday evenings for 45 minutes starting at 18.30 and soon to be relaunched at Bluntisham. Phone the gym to book your place, £3 for members and £5 for non-members - if you bring a (female ) friend.
Come along and find out what TF stands for !

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Reasons to exercise

Reasons to exercise – let me remind you again why you are bothering to come to the gym!

·         Even moderate exercise during the day improves sleep.  Chronically sleep – deprived people are more at risk of heart problems . 

·         Exercise boosts your mood and self esteem (tell me that you don’t feel better about yourself after you have worked out ?)

·         Burn calories – keep your weight under control!

·         Reduce your risk of developing diabetes –

·         Help to keep your blood pressure under control – reduce your risk of strokes

·         Minimise the impact of osteoporosis

·         Keep mobile !

What’s not to like ?!