Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Are you trying?

We got lots of people who join our gyms who have every intention of coming 5 times a week, or at least they declare that they will ‘try to come’ – and that’s just what they do – they try – job done !  Well, not really – its not the trying, it’s the actual doing that counts.

I have been trying to wash our kitchen floor for days – but its still muddy ! 

Our most successful gym goers are those who schedule us in.  ‘Gym’ is in the diary and it requires something pretty big to occur to shake that.  These are the people who come in 3 times a week – we can set our watches by them.  These people get results, they have a plan and they stick to it.   If you need help – phone a friend – make a date to come in together – its much harder not to come if you know you are going to let someone down

Even better – get a Personal Trainer – knowing that someone is there waiting for you and is going to help you to do your best is a real incentive to get in.

Stop trying and start doing !!