Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Gym number 2

We were having a staff meeting last week – our first ever ‘full team meeting’ – very exciting as we were discussing what we all bring to the business and our plans moving forwards.  In the middle of our afternoon we got a call to say that the planning permission for Willingham had been approved.  So even more excitement!  All the carefully laid plans will now swing into action.  The plan is for inductions and ‘show rounds’ from 9th Dec and fully open from the 6th Jan.  Membership prices the same as Bluntisham (but completely separate memberships).  We are creating the same atmosphere – friendly, accessible and non threatening.  There is more equipment as there is more space, but its only more of the same.  The top weight on the dumbbells is the same (25kgs) and there are two cable machines as this is a very popular piece of kit.   We will post pictures as we progress. 

There are many circuit classes planned – including TRX (suspension training) and Sexycise (which will also be available at Bluntisham) – we will post full details once the schedule is finalised.

We don’t have a phone line in yet (Neil, the manager is bracing himself to tackle this!) so any enquiries to Bluntisham please (numbers on website).

So – if you live in or around Willingham – here’s your New Year resolution sorted out!  Come along – you will be very welcome.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Get a microlife

I went to see my GP last week (routine check – no drama) and he talked about ‘microlives’.  Fascinated, I went back to do my research – a Professor of Biostatistics (!) David Spiegehalter, suggests that we could divide our lives into 30 minute segments, or microlives and that 57 years contains 1M microlives.  He also has come up with a currency of microlives.  So, just one alcoholic drink ‘gives’ you a microlife, but smoking takes away 10 microlives for every 20 cigarettes smoked.  You will be delighted to know that 20 minutes of moderate exercise will give you 2 microlives, but that an extra two alcoholic drinks can take away a microlife.  Good news – a diet including fresh fruit and veg, - 4 microlives (I am guessing every day).

I could go on – but the principle is important – maybe not the detail.  The research is simply saying that eating healthily, not smoking, keeping alcohol intake low and exercising will increase your life expectancy (and a combination may well improve your quality of life as well), guess we already knew that – but I like the idea of microlives – they seem quite real to me!