Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Raspberry Ketones

You know if you look something up on the internet, it pops up on your side bar again and again – until you are almost convinced you should be buying it?

Well this has happened to me with Raspberry Ketones.  These are being hailed as a great way to lose weight.  There is some science behind it, which I will run through, but there are lots of warnings too.

First, why it might / should work.

It is claimed that:

Your body uses enzymes to convert unused energy, or glucose, into fat deposits in the body

Raspberry ketones have been found to increase the natural production of Adiponectin

Adiponectin breaks down stored fat cells, increasing metabolism and burning fat off your body

Raspberry ketones also decrease blood glucose levels and suppress your appetite


Well, that sounds good so far.  However, often these tests are on animals and carried out by the manufacturers of the tablet in question.

The physiology of Adiponectin is correct, but finding reliable, independent research to show that Raspberry Ketones have an effect on the levels is proving impossible for me.  That doesn’t mean that they don’t work – only that I can’t confidently tell you that they do.  We also need to consider that regulation on these type of tablets is low and the potency of each variety may vary enormously.

Let’s look at this another way.  We know that with many drugs we take that there is a placebo effect.  We are told that something works, we believe it, and it does.  This is a well-documented effect that many doctors are very aware of.  So, you take a Raspberry Ketone tablet every day and begin to feel lighter.  You take heart and think that you could get to like this and then start to watch carefully what you eat, then you fancy a bit of exercise and, before long, you are losing weight.  See, those tablets really work!

I think we are often only too keen to find a ‘quick win’ solution – someone said to me only today ‘I just want to wake up skinny’ and many of us can identify with this!  It is tempting to think that there is a tablet that will help us to be quickly skinny.  Raspberry Ketones usually cost about £10 a tub, so not a huge amount.  However, on balance, how about going about weight loss a different way?  Not as easy as popping a pill – but a healthy way.

What about a bit of exercise 5 times a week?  Go for a brisk walk, join a class, go to the gym.  Use that Wii Fit that you bought and never quite got round to using!  Wash the car, do your housework, turn off the TV and do something instead!  That will make a start.

Then, how about looking at what you eat?  Trying cutting out simple carb snacks (chocolate, biscuits, cake, crisps – you know the stuff I mean). Have a good look at your portion size, eat slowly and really take notice of your food (turn off the TV while you eat?).  Just persuade your body to breakdown some of your stored fat to fuel your body, then you will produce your own ketones which will really help with your weight loss

Good luck, money saved!