Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Obesity and bone marrow density

Today’s article from a journal called ‘Radiology’ tells us that obese people have fat present in their bones. Previously it was thought that carrying around extra weight strengthened bones – but this article really challenges that concept. The reverse might very well be true – if you are obese (if your BMI is 30 or over) your bone marrow is taken over by fat cells and then the bone marrow can’t do what it is supposed to do and help with bone formation. To read more about this research click here The answer? Lose weight, but so much easier said than done. To get your Body Mass Index (your height to weight ratio) in to the healthy range (19 to 25) means watching the number and type of calories that you eat and keeping active by doing at least 30 mins of moderate exercise 3 times a week Check your BMI – concerned? Give us a ring – we can help