Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Leslie - Weigh In Day!

Its weigh in day again for Leslie – and she’s lost a pound.  Now a pound isn’t much, especially as she has stuck to plan.  However, we know from past experience that it can take a while for Leslie to go into full ‘fat burning’ mode – so we are not too concerned. 

Her weight loss isn’t helped by some anxiety about 2 dental extractions tomorrow (good luck!) and loss of sleep over this.  We know that high stress and lack of sleep can affect weight loss really badly.
Leslie had a great workout today and it’s obvious that she has been making great efforts to ‘just move more’ in the last couple of weeks.

Each week Leslie sets herself her new accountabilities (the things that she is going to be accountable for in the coming week) and this week it is:

• Keep to food plan  (CertaSlim)
• Meditate twice a day
• Keep to exercise schedule (cardio or circuits every day – with a rest day on Friday)
• Make healthy choices at the wedding she is going to at the weekend

She said that this week she has had some mental peace as food isn’t constantly on her mind and she has lost the high ‘sod it’ factor that meant she ate something every time life didn’t go the way she wanted. 

Knowing she has support from other gym members means a lot to Leslie – so please keep encouraging her!

Monday, 28 March 2016

Burn more calories

There are ways that you can burn more calories in a day that don’t take a huge effort but can really help
  • Don’t sit still; move around, fidget, stand up when you are on the phone – just move more generally
  • Drink green tea – has been shown to boost your metabolic rate
  • Drink more water – you know it makes sense – and if you drink cold water you will burn calories just heating it up!
  • Try a slice of lemon in your early morning hot water – gets your metabolism going first thing
  • Just lark about and laugh – makes you feel better !

Friday, 25 March 2016


Well, we said we would let you know how it was going – and we will.  Leslie is on a mission to lose some weight (quite a lot of weight actually).  Leslie has done this before and we know she can do it again.  Its tough and very hard work – but she can do it. (And she can keep the weight off – but only if she keeps to her plan – not go back to her ‘old ways’)

This week Leslie had lost one pound.  Now, someone who has a few stone to lose can drop 2- 3 lbs a week easily if they stick to plan – so we had a bit of a talk.  To be honest, it was more than a ‘bit’ of a talk.  It was a real ‘tough love’ session.  Leslie loves to please people and will endlessly tell me what I want to hear and then go home and eat loads of treats again. There is also a high ‘sod it’ factor going on – you know the words ‘sod it, I’ll have a biscuit if I want to’.  And so on and so on. 

Leslie is, by nature somewhat anxious at times and she often thinks that food will help in this situation – and it does – for the five minutes when she eats it and then just makes everything worse.   So this week she has come up with a plan – a plan of what she is going to hold herself accountable for – and she has written it herself – she really owns the plan. I’m not going to disclose it all – but it does contain 10 minutes of meditation. 

If you see her around please offer an encouraging word – it’s a challenge and the more we help the easier it feels. 

(The love was so tough I had to get her some flowers to ease my conscience!)

A good sports bra

OK ladies, do your boobs hurt when you exercise?  Did you know that 25% of women cut short their workout because their breasts hurt?  Don’t be in that group – get a good sports bra.

A pair of breasts weighs, on average, between 400gms & 600gms, that’s a lot to have bouncing around in front of you. And bounce they do – breasts can swing by 9cms during exercise – moving both up and down and side to side. 

Sagging occurs because of breast bouncing and a good bra will reduce that sagging by 35%.

A good sports bra can reduce movement by 83%  - you really need a good bra because there are no muscles in your boobs – so they can’t ‘be trained’ to keep still! Not sure where to go for your bra?  - Try Emma ( – your local bra lady! 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Our Easter Opening Times

Easter Opening Times


Good Friday 25th March – 08:00-14:00
Saturday 26th March – 08:00 – 14:00
Easter Sunday – CLOSED
Easter Monday 28th March – 08:00-14:00


Good Friday 25th March – 08:00-14:00
Saturday 26th March – 08:00 – 12:00
Easter Sunday – CLOSED
Easter Monday 28th March – 08:00-14:00