Sunday, 20 January 2013

5:2 - would it work for you?

Another week, another bit closer. But being an impatient couple, its not close enough, but progress has been made. Plasterboard is up everywhere, walls painted, skirting boards on, electrical fittings in place and flooring going down next week. The window schedule has slipped due to the snow - sloping roofs, scaffolding and ice - not a good combination! Meanwhile - what about this 5:2 diet? How about 2 (non - consecutive) days of fasting and 5 of eating normally? There are many reports that this works well for weight loss and for maintenance. Woman get to eat 500 calories on fasting days and men 600. Said to let the body rest from food processing, drop pounds and lower cholesterol. Some say to eat what you like on non fasting days - but sense would dictate that its best not to go mad! It appeals because even if you are hungry - you can comfort yourself with it being only one day and many feel energized by this. I'm reading more about it and will let you know what I find out. (I down loaded a book onto my iPad - how clever am I?!)Also discovering some great calories counted recipes for the fasting days. Let me know if you would like to be added to our mailing list - just use the 'contact us' button.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Gym update

well, the opening of the gym creeps ever closer! Last week there was a great deal of activity - plumbers, plasterers, chippies and a gang of painters! Just the flooring and the windows and more red tape - but fingers crossed, if the snow holds off - by the end of the week we should have a date for opening. Lots of planning going on with us - prices and programmes and staff to help, its all happening. We are going to include family time and teen time because we think its really important that there is something for everyone. We will also make very sure that no one feels intimidated or apprehensive - its not all about thin, lycra clad bodies, its about real people with flabby bits! So - once the official sign off is done - just look out for the banner, flyers and face book posts - we have a list of people waiting to join - if you would like to add your name please contact us - we will have limited places - don't miss your chance!