Thursday, 18 August 2016

Monitoring your steps

Any idea how many steps you do every day?  The recommendation is 10,000 every day – great for your heart, your weight and to keep you generally active.  We have a great, easy way for you to monitor your steps.

A new wearable, BuddyBand is available in our gyms.  Really easy to set up but we can help – just link to your smartphone and off you go.  

The great thing is that you can see the time, the number of steps you have done, distance travelled and calories burnt at the push of a button on your wrist.  You can be reminded to ‘move it’ if you have been too still for a pre-set period of time and you can set it to alert you to texts, incoming phone calls and more! 

With a push of another button you can upload all your info onto graphs on your computer and review whenever you want.  Link this to the special blue tooth enabled scales and you can collect all the data you need!  

The scales will help you to monitor much more than your weight; looking at BMI, body fat,  visceral fat levels and muscle composition and bone density .
Buy both from us for less than the price on Amazon.

BuddyBands £58.00

Scales £58.00