Wednesday, 13 January 2021

How’s your head space?


We were wondering how your mental health is bearing up?  We reckon that if the government makes one more ‘U’ turn, if one more person says ‘vaccine’ or we read one more report on the ‘r’ number we might just lose the plot altogether.

Being told what we can or cannot do is mind blowing, not seeing people you want to see or do what you want is crippling.  Extend this over a (ill defined and inexact) period of time is absolutely mind blowing.  

It made me think about what we could do to help ourselves.  Did these thoughts ever cross your mind?

Drink more wine

Eat whatever you fancy

Ditch the exercise – no one will ever see what you look like anyway

Don’t bother with the rules – it will soon be over

But, of course, none of these ideas will help any of us to cope – all that will happen is that eventually you will feel worse than ever.  

So, its time to get a grip – too many hangovers, too much flab and a general feeling of malaise.  Here comes your plan number two:

Exercise maniacally, lift heavier, run faster, burn more

Eat only to a strict calorie limit

Be teetotal

Bend the COVID rules a bit more– it really doesn’t make any difference does it?

You tried this and then you were completely exhausted, running out of energy and hungry.  You also had a vague feeling of guilt most of the time.  You weren’t sleeping well and couldn’t concentrate.

Now here’s a plan that really works:

Eat a sensible diet with fresh meals made from scratch and the odd treat from time to time

Have the occasional glass of wine when you fancy it

Exercise but not to exhaustion

Stop and pause every day – read / listen to a book, meditate, practice mindfulness.   If you spend your whole day on high alert you will be exhausted and not very productive.  There are lots of apps to help with this – try or or down load a book on 

And the biggest change?  Stop worrying about yourself and be more concerned with other people.  Stop and think; will your action will put anyone else at risk?  Pause and wonder if there is something that you can do to make someone else’s life a bit easier.  

Stop fretting all the time – do what you can and be kind.  Be kind to yourself and take care of yourself – then you will be well placed to help others.  It’s not selfish – it’s common sense – if you are falling apart you won’t be able to hold anyone else together.  Simples ! 

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